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# Upload
## `POST /upload`
Gyazo-compatible upload endpoint. Takes 2 parameters:
You might see this error upon downloading the macOS client:
This happens because `` is modified server-side to embed your server URL. To fix this issue, execute this command in ``:
`xattr -rc`
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## Kubernetes
The recommended way to deploy pyazo on docker is on Kubernetes. To make installation easier, we provide a helm chart for this.
To install pyazo using helm on kubernetes, run the following:
helm repo add
helm install
## Pure Docker
Pyazo can be run on pure docker. The image is ``. The image needs to be run twice, once for the webserver and once for the background worker. The config file needs to be mounted under `/etc/pyazo/config.yml`. Uploaded files are saved under `/app/media`, which should be mounted as well.
The webserver can be started by running ` web` in the Container. The process will listen on port 8000 for incoming connections.
The background-worker can be started by running ` worker`.
## Pyazo Installation
Pyazo is a python-based application. There are 2 different packages, one for Python 3.5.x and one for Python 3.6.x. To find out what version you have, run this:
site_name: Pyazo Documentation
name: 'material'
name: 'readthedocs'
repo_url: ""
- Home:
- Installation:
- Package: install/
- Docker / Kubernetes: install/
- Configuration:
- Initial Configuration: configuration/
- Reverse Proxy: configuration/
- Migration between systems: configuration/
- MSSQL: configuration/
- Clients:
- macOS: clients/
- API:
- Endpoints: api/
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