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prepare version 1.8.7

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pyazo (1.8.7) stable; urgency=medium
* docs: add API docs
* docs: add docs for system migration and mssql support
* ci: revert to uploading deb files to gitlab while nexus server is down
* add setup for tests
* cleanup account forms, settings, add coverage settings
* add more tests
* add coverage to CI
* pyazo: limit redis to <3.0
* client: package new macOS Client
* pyazo: add more tests
* pyazo: fix thumbnail file `.png` being generated sometimes
* pyazo: allow empty viewee
* pyazo: more tests and code cleanup
-- Jens Langhammer <> Sat, 17 Nov 2018 13:15:46 +0000
pyazo (1.8.6) stable; urgency=medium
* build: fix wrong package being uploaded
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