Commit 21fb6263 authored by Jens Langhammer's avatar Jens Langhammer

fix path for nexus_upload

parent 5f0f549e
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......@@ -67,7 +67,7 @@ package:
- debuild -us -uc
- cp ../pyazo*.deb .
- ./ nexus_upload --method post --url $NEXUS_URL --user $NEXUS_USER --password $NEXUS_PASS --repo apt ../pyazo*
- ./ nexus_upload --method post --url $NEXUS_URL --user $NEXUS_USER --password $NEXUS_PASS --repo apt pyazo*deb
- pyazo*deb
pyazo (1.9.1) stable; urgency=medium
pyazo (1.9.2) stable; urgency=medium
* rewrite debian packaging
* improve initial settings
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