Commit 50172e58 authored by Langhammer, Jens's avatar Langhammer, Jens

sources/ldap(minor): save ldap password for user upon successful bind

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......@@ -142,10 +142,26 @@ class Connector:
users = User.objects.filter(**filters)
if not users.exists():
return None
user = users.first()
user: User = users.first()
if 'distinguishedName' not in user.attributes:
LOGGER.debug("User doesn't have DN set, assuming not LDAP imported.", user=user)
return None
# Either has unusable password,
# or has a password, but couldn't be authenticated by ModelBackend.
# This means we check with a bind to see if the LDAP password has changed
if self.auth_user_by_bind(user, password):
# Password given successfully binds to LDAP, so we save it in our Database
LOGGER.debug("Updating user's password in DB", user=user)
return user
# Password doesn't match
LOGGER.debug("Failed to bind, password invalid")
return None
def auth_user_by_bind(self, user: User, password: str) -> Optional[User]:
"""Attempt authentication by binding to the LDAP server as `user`. This
method should be avoided as its slow to do the bind."""
# Try to bind as new user
LOGGER.debug("Attempting Binding as user", user=user)
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