Version 0.7.1

  • core: disable auto-reload for work (caused zombie processes)
  • core: fix being classified as attribute not tag
  • core: fix CommonPrefixes not being unique
  • core: fix volume space_used not being cached properly
  • core: simplify Blob saving (without database transaction)
  • root: fix debug logger not loading correctly
  • root: use colorlog in debug
  • s3: add support for max-keys and is-truncated
  • s3: Cleanup error handling, improve log output (only log when somethings broken)
  • s3: cleanup v4 signer, add support for Authentication via querystring
  • s3: fix sorting of headers getting confused by HTTP_ prefix
  • s3: move logic from common to setup
  • s3: rewrite Errors to use Exceptions, catch in Middleware
  • s3: validate canned ACL if given
  • tier0: correctly handle Location Header
  • tier0: fix error message not being formatted
  • tier0: return error when empty context was given
  • ui: pre-select volume's storage for index page