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# Assets
Every branch is a bundle of assets and config files for a different Application. The `master` holds raw and converted assets.
#!/bin/bash -x
cd assets
# Download Raw's
wget -O background.png
wget -O logo.png
# Convert background
convert background.png background_4k_16x9.png
convert background.png background_4k_16x9.jpg
convert background.png -resize 1920x1080 background_1080p_16x9.png
convert background.png -resize 1920x1080 background_1080p_16x9.jpg
# Convert Logo
convert logo.png logo_orig.png
convert logo.png logo_orig.jpg
convert logo.png -resize 32x32 logo_32.png
convert logo.png -resize 32x32 logo_32.jpg
convert logo.png -resize 48x48 logo_48.png
convert logo.png -resize 48x48 logo_48.jpg
convert logo.png -resize 64x64 logo_64.png
convert logo.png -resize 64x64 logo_64.jpg
convert logo.png -resize 100x100 logo_100.png
convert logo.png -resize 100x100 logo_100.jpg
convert logo.png -resize 128x128 logo_128.png
convert logo.png -resize 128x128 logo_128.jpg
# Delete originals
rm background.png
rm logo.png
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